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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Absolutely stunning data @vikas. Really love the phenomena and it’s physiological context.

    I have analyzed the phenomena of bursting in different context – and I will look to see what models could fit your data. Will send you a theory model which would be really fun to fit to your data. The idea of hydration building a stress in the shell would reproduce this burst – combined with the pressure of swelling inside the pollen leading to the ejection of the material. Since pollen are static – I could see this to be very valuable in perspective of getting materials deep in the pollens journey to the egg. This might be really interesting small publication combining theory and experiments. Let me think more and post a write up for you here at the site.

    It’s so wonderful to see creative endeavor like yours – keep up the fantastic work. We will soon be announcing phase 2 scaleup; I really want for us as a community to do creative work that might never have been done before.


    1. vikas_research says:

      Dear sir thank you for your kind words

      Would love to be the part of phase 2 and take foldscope at a great success

      with regards


  2. Tulasi Mastanamma says:

    What a beautiful video, have you used time lapse for this

    1. vikas_research says:

      captured and trimmed, a bit of editing

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