Haemonchus contortus

Haemonchus contortus – These blood suckers are otherwise known as Stomach worm, Barber’s pole worm, is highly economically important Strongyle of sheep and goat. The anterior ends of both males and females are similar ( figure 1). The posterior end of female, the vulva is covered by a cuticular flap ( vulval flap or vulval knob) ( figure 2), while that of males, the Bursa is well developed with lateral lobes. Spicules are equal, long and slender ( figure 3).They were processed as follows:

1.The worms were washed well in water to remove the preservative (10% formalin).

2.The worms were dehydrated in ascending grades of alcohol (70%, 90% and absolute alcohol).

3.The worms were cleared in lacto phenol and then mounted with DPX mountant and viewed under foldscope. All the parts were visible clearly.

Anterior end
Posterior end of female Haemonchus
Posterior end of male Haemonchus

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