Insect and its LUNGS

This post is fr8m a slide which I made months ago. The isect in this slide is arouf 0.25 mm . It is transparent and its lungs are clearly visible .

I am not sure if thats really its lungs or not . Si please commemt on your opinion.

Video of that insect

This post shows the hunger of reply from mamu prakash, Laks iyer and others.

Pls comment and correct me .

Thanks for viewing my post☺👍

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Dear @Guju,

    Beautiful post.

    Those projections look like legs – and not gills (which are also respiratory organs for some insects). Mayflies and damselflies do happen to have little gills- but from what I can see / this seems to be little folded legs.

    Here is a nice review of a bizzare number of insect breadthing behavior – insects did invent “snorkeling” and “under water diving”

    Beautiful post. Keep exploring!


    Ps: I noticed you are not using your magnetic coupler to connect your phone to a foldscope. Here is a simple video tutorial for the same – it will take making videos and images very simple!
    Here are rest of the video instructions:

    1. GujuRocks says:

      Thanks for reply
      The part you are telling is actually out of the body
      I am talking about the organs inside the body
      I ll edit and high light those lungs of which I m talking about

      They are actually in center of the image

      My tablet has camera outwards
      And the coupler could be stocked with tape but I was out of tape and circle sticker

    2. GujuRocks says:

      Sir manu
      Now pls have a look at the second image
      Are those lungs

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