Foldscope sensitization at a farm in Punjab -1

As a part of the Foldscope oureach programme, a field visit to a farm was undertaken by Foldscope team@ GGDSD College. The team visited a farm house located in Jandiala near Amritsar in Punjab state. The farm was situated amidst vast fields with a barn for dairy animals. One deep breath and I could feel the fresh and clean air filling my lungs. Though the early morning fog had not subsided, I could see on the farm they had finished up with their morning routine chores of milking the animals and feeding the buffaloes. It seemed like a paradise of wheat and mustard fields with narrow grassy paths and fields lined with canals. Small thatched cottages with the walls coated with clay or simply brick-lined walls, fodder chopping machines and a huge heap of chaffed fodder. The farm animals were amusingly having their share of fodder and as we approached nearby, the calf became restless. So we asked the workers to brief us.

Toria, berseem and senji were the fodder crops growing along with the wheat crop. We were able to sensitize the farmers about the foldscope usage and collected samples of chaff and green fodder for foldscoping.

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