Foldscope sensitization at a farm in Punjab -2

In Punjab mainly two types of livestock production practices are seen. In one type, rural household animals are integrated with farming and the farmers feed animals using green fodder and crop residues, while in the second type large herds are kept in rangelands.

It was a small farm owned by marginal farmer who had grown fodder crops mixed with wheat. The farmer was using green fodder as a source of nutrients to feed his milch animals. We could see the chopped fodder of Brassica rapa (called toria in vernacular language). It was a lively experience to engage the farmers and sensitize them on using foldscope.

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Thanks @juda for sharing this story. A wonderful example of engaging with broad community. I remember growing up cutting on this machine for some cattle we had – so thisnpost is very special to me.


  2. JDua says:

    Thanks sir for your encouragement. Yes indeed it was a different kind of experience as the farm persons never knew a simple tool can be a good diagnostic tool for checking forage quality and also detection of simple diseases that can infect their farm animals. We gave them live demonstration of the fodder which they were feeding to their animals was infected one.

    In the sensitization program we were assisted by an official from a fertilizer company.

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