Contrast between different hair samples from various specimen

  • STUDENT NAME: Reya Gafar
  • COLLEGE: CMR National PU College ITPL
  • SPECIMEN: Hair samples(cat hair{felis Catus}, dog hair{Canus Lupus familaris}, human hair)

==>Human Hair Follicle (hair type: Straight)

The above picture shows us the rather distinct shape of a human hair follicle.

We can see that the root of human hairs are usually goblet shaped or club shaped.

Human Hair follicle(Hair type: curly)

We now see that the hair follicle has a rather jagged elongated shape and does not have a smooth surface.

The first difference between curly hair and straight hair is that shape of the shaft. Straight hair has a circular follicle shape so disulfide bridges can form evenly around the cuticles forming no coil like shapes. On the other hand, curly hair grows out of a more oval shaped follicle.

Cat Hair

The diameter of the cross section of cat hair is immensely fine, with litte variation while we move towards the tips of the hair. The root of the hair remains elongated with no definite shape to it.

Dog Hair

the diameter of dog hair is broader and coarser, with little variation to the tip though definitely thicker than cat hair. The root of dog hair is spade-shaped and

A few differences I’ve observed from the above pictures and gathered information:

Diameter: Human hairs are usually in the range of 0.05-0.15 mm; animal hairs can be narrower or coarser.

Cat hair is usually finer than human hair or dog hair. … In human hair, the color of the hair can make a difference too.

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