Looking at growing crystals through Foldscope

Crystals are very unique in their properties, appearance, behavoiour

Crystals of Copper Sulphate observed under foldscope
Looking at the amazing phenomenon of crystal growth

Always wanted to see the growing crystals of compounds, Even though the entire view is so breathtaking at the macro level, I was very much keen in looking at this phenomenon at microscopic level. It was never so easy to look at the entire process and ease of capturing the entire event in phone has made my day. Thanks to foldscope

In lab, we all uses a procedure called recrystallization to purify crude compounds, still the problem of impurities can be there

Foldscope can be used to look at the structure of the crystals of the compounds being recrystallized and impurities can be screened down easily.

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  1. Puchina says:

    Very nice! What time frame do the crystals form over in your video?

    1. vikas_research says:

      The crystal formation was concentration dependent phenomena
      In this case it took 10-12 minutes but it can easily be modulated by keeping the concentration at higher end
      With regards

  2. nbisht2111 says:

    Very nice video. Good job

    can you tell me which salt crystal is this?

    1. vikas_research says:

      Thank you

      The crystals are of Copper Sulphate pentahydrate (CuSO4.5H2O)

      With regards

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