Sensitization of Farmers about foldscope usage in different regions of Punjab

Punjab State has got its name from the five rivers – Sutlej, RaviBeasChenab and Jhelum. Post Independence Sutlej, Ravi and Beas are part of the Indian Punjab. These rivers divided the land into separate regions, probably that restricted the interaction between the people living in these geographically separated Regions. Due to this, there is a difference between the language and culture of the people living in these regions. This variation is still prevalent in the state and on this basis in local language; Punjab has different regions which are known as:  





# JDua-An Outreach Drive was initiated by planning field visits to different regions of Punjab to sensitize the farmers on foldscope usage The area covered in the visit on 19th December was Majha region. Majha region mainly covers the area between Beas and Ravi rivers.  It includes Amritsar, Tarn Taran, Gurdaspur, Pathankot.

Initially farmers thought that they can directly view through it, but when they were explained about the working of foldscope they find it a very good tool for plant pathology studies for their field crops. Visit was planned with assistance from members of reputed Fertilizer company. We have collected various samples in the visit for further analysis.

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