Foldscope workshop for teacher/facilitators from community centres in M Ward area of Mumbai

Today I conducted a training session for 20 teachers/facilitators from 5 five different community centres who caters to slum children. I had microscopy sessions at each centre earlier and kids have asked me if they can get the foldscopes. I requested Shailja ma’am of DBT and she sent a box full of foldscopes. Thanks to her now each community centre has 11 foldscopes (10 student + 1 teacher’s kit). Teachers told me that they were eagerly waiting for it as students were excited after the microscopy workshop.

In the workshop teachers learnt to assemble the foldscope, prepare slide, observe it, show it to others using phone. I also asked them to devise a plan so that students can take the foldscope to their homes and observe whatever they want. And upload videos/pictures on microcosmos website so that others can see it.

During workshop we managed to see quite a few microorganisms. Teachers were excited and kept bringing different samples and observing then under the foldscope.

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