First Attempt at a Foldscope

This was my first attempt at a foldscope. Viewed a drop of water collected from a pond in Guwahati, India.
Any idea what that larva-like organism might be?

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  1. Sachin datt says:

    It has some hand like thing also. As if trying to find a way out of a trap. Trying hard, getting tired, resting and trying again. I wonder what is the body of such organisms made up of because they are mostly transparent.

  2. laksiyer says:

    Oh my goodness, the first attempt is simply brilliant.. That Deepor Bil is full of life. It is a dipteran larva in all likelihood and perhaps a mosquito. I see the siphon tube through which it breathes and it has a brush at the top. Definitely a mosquito, doesnt look like culex or Anopheles though.. I too have a video of a another fellow, will post.

    I love the background of the other life. There is a large Daphnia I think (which is dead) and so many little ciliates.

    I hope you can collect some more water samples from Deepor Bil and investigate each of these chaps..

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