When I was working to classify the groups of microalgae using foldscope with the sample collected from a nearby ditch, this interesting event have drawn my attention. So, I just can’t stop sharing with you all. Though this event is known to all having life science as one of their subjects in PGs and UGs. This is all about the movement in plants. I have recorded the movement of chloroplast around the cell in Nitella species. This movement is referred to as cytoplasmic streaming or cyclosis. This streaming is thought to facilitate the transport of materials within, as well as between, cells.

Cytoplasmic streaming

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Absolutely beautiful @Raju. So many questions rush through just watching. This is incredible.

    Beautiful. You have inspired so many to try this out. Will write a long comment with a few things to analyze this data set.


  2. Raju says:

    @Manu Sir, Thank you so much for the appreciation. Actually, there is lots of events associated with this phenomenon. I have changed the light sources during my observation. At first, I used normal sunlight and then the LED. These all could be the effect of microfilaments or actin protein therein. One thing I confirmed during this is that there is a tendency to accumulate the substances in low light areas. So, need some expert comments on its phenomenon.

  3. laksiyer says:

    Gorgeous gorgeous. Its good to collect a variety of species that show cyclosis. That would be good data for cross-species comparison

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