Dear Foldscoper,

Wish you a Merry Christmas and may this festival bring abundant joy and happiness in your life. May the joy and peace of Christmas be with you all through the Year. May your world be filled with warmth and good cheer obviously with best foldscoping.


My first meeting with Prof. Manu Prakash 2015 at AAU campus, Guwahati
At IIT, Mumbai, 2017

Todays observation

Please help in identification of this creature

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Dear @Raju,

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year. It was such a pleasure to meet you in person; and so wonderful to see some of these pictures from long ago. When I look back and reflect – we have come so far as a community. And we all have a long way to go.

    Thank you for engaging with the community in such a genuine way. It has been remarkable to see the growth of this community – and I will continue to do my very best in engaging.

    happy new year everyone.


  2. Raju says:

    Thank you @Manu Sir, and all the folks associated in this community, and wish everyone a very happy new year. Could anyone please help me to name the organism attached with this post?

  3. laksiyer says:

    @Raju wonderful video. Definitely a Cladoceran— likely of the Daphnia genus.

  4. Raju says:

    @Laks sir, thank you so much for the identification hints.

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