Foldscope workshop @ Ashakiran Vidyalaya,Mysore

Date- 21st December, 2018,

Venue- Ashakiran Vidyalaya,Mysore

Foldscope was introduced to class 8th,9th and 10th students of Ashakiran Vidyalaya,Mysore.There were more than 50 students.All the students had an hands on experience of handling the foldscope and observed many temporary slides so prepared along with some permanent slides. They observed their hair structure and colour, fibres, cheek cell, hydra with tentacles, parallel and reticulate venation, xylem, phloem, soil particles, pollen grains, petal cells, onion peel etc. Many girls prepared slides of their own choice and explored the microscopic world.All the students had an exciting session.

Enthusiastic students preparing slides
Structure of different hairs of students

Hydra with tentacles
Soil particles under foldscope

Artificial silk ibres
Cheek cell
H M Mr. Peter observing fibres under foldscope

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