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  1. Raju says:

    @Jahar, awesome collection of Desmids. You have a wonderful eye of observation. In my consideration the species could be
    1. Cosmarium sp. (could be C. Cucumis, need more clear pictures and measurement)
    2. Pleurotaenium nodosum
    3. Cosmarium sp
    4. Cosmarium sp
    5. Cosmarium sp.
    6. Cosmarium sp
    7. Cosmarium sp (could be C. remiforme)
    8. Closterium sp (could be Closterium moniliferum )
    9. Green one is Peurotaenium sp. And the black could be Difflugia sp (testate amoeba)
    Need further comments from the experts for validation of the species.

  2. Jahar says:

    Thanks Dr Raju Sir, for identifying all the species. Such type of activities done by you give me immense pleasure and more over it gives me power to do such activities further more. Thanks.

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