Amazing unknown Microorganisms from a pond water sample

Microorganisms from a pond water sample. Don’t know what it is, looks like nano version of ghariyal or rat. Majority of things what I observed under Foldscope are new to me and every experience with Foldscope is a new learning.


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  1. Dear Tulasi,
    Can you make more video footages of this…?
    It looks really interesting… Where did you find this??
    Need more details about it’s morphology so we can suggest something for you..


    1. Tulasi Mastanamma says:

      True, its interesting and amazing, an arthropod or else. I spotted it in a water sample collected from a pond we visited in a field trip. Sure I will try to explore more in the water sample which i brought, if i could find it again.

      1. Dear Tulasi,
        Based on the observation of few images on the web I suspect this to be a freshwater shrimp larvae, I’m sceptical about it though..
        You can try googling ‘shrimp larvae’ and search for images…
        Or ask a shrimp expert…


        1. Tulasi Mastanamma says:

          Thank you Yash for guidance

      2. Dear Tulasi,
        Coincidentally I found this post on Twitter, it resembles to the organism you found..
        Here’s the post
        Also here’s an article about it on Wikipedia


  2. GujuRocks says:

    Could you specify which place
    That’s amazing samples

    1. Tulasi Mastanamma says:

      I have collected this sample from Uppalapadu, a migratory bird sanctury lake in Guntur district

  3. Manu Prakash says:

    That’s beautiful. What a wonderful find!

    Have we ruled out “copepod” – if we had a front view, might have been easier. Beautiful description Tulsi. Every time I sit with my foldscope – my eyes open up; since I see more than I have ever seen before. Every experience is new – and that’s what’s crucial to reach in science. It’s an ongoing frontier (and ever rising mountain) and everyone can feel they are at a peek (since you learn something that is new) and simultaneously you see where to go next.



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