Blue and yellow moldy growth on Amla

Powdery masses of green and yellow spores were seen on bruised surface of Amla ( Phyllanthus emblica). On consulting literature, it was evident that due to rough handling during long distance transportation and storage, the injured fruits are susceptible to fungal infections. The common microflora responsible for the post-harvest losses of fruits usually belong to Aspergillus or Penicillium species.

Patches of blue and yellow moldy growth

In the infected amlas, two different coloured colonies were seen – blue on the cut surface and yellow slightly below. Another important peculiarity was seen in the texture of spores as seen under foldscope. The bluish colonies exhibited dense mass of small spores, while in case of yellow colonies elongated structures were seen. Are these young hyphae emerged from spores or are these chains of conidia ? To have closer look, I magnified the structures and could see chains of spores.  However, stalks or conidiophores could not be marked out.

The above images are from samples drawn from bluish colonies

These images are from samples drawn from yellow colonies

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