Class room practical on bread mold experiment

A class room practical to study molds on bread was performed by 1st semester undergraduates.

Target group – 20 students who worked in batches of 5 each

Materials used

  • 4 slices of bread (any brand)
  • 4 plastic bags
  • Sealing tape
  • Black marker

Procedure followed –

  1. Each group took a plastic bag and labeled it
  2. Moistened the bread with wet hands
  3. Inserted the bread slice in the plastic bag and sealed it
  4. Drew a grid of 5X5 squares on the bag with a marker
  5. A and B groups kept the experiment in an incubator  that was set at 250 C; C and D set the slices in refrigerator
  6. The experiments were examined each day and the boxes in the grid for moldy growth noted down
  7. The experiment was discontinued after 5 days due to excessive moldy growth in the sets kept in incubator, while the ones in refrigerator had to be kept for 2 weeks for results to begin
  8. The moldy growth obtained was observed using foldscope and the results are being posted on  Microcosmos Foldscope Community

The results posted are of Group -A

Dr. Samriti Dhawan & Dr. Jasveen Dua, GGDSD College, Chandigarh

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Thanks for such a comprehensive description of the activity. Thisnisnwinderful.

    I am curious if a single species dominates the growth – or do you see multiple species appear on the same bread; and on different pieces of bread.


  2. Looks like Rhizopus sps. Or Mucor sps. Can you try staining them??

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