Trumpet Animalcules

I was fortunate enough to capture this giant ciliate from a freshwater lake at Assam. This heterotrophic ciliates is also called trumpet animalcules. The name is given due to the horn-shaped/trumpet structure. They are also among the biggest known unicellular organisms. It has a ring of prominent cilia around the anterior by which they sweep all the foods coming in their way to its tummy. This way they changes their shapes too.


In time lapse

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  1. Cristina says:

    I am speechless!!! What a beautiful single-celled living creature!! Watching this is pure joy!! Thanks, @Raju. Your posts are very, very interesting.

  2. Manu Prakash says:

    Dear @Raju,
    You did it again!

    What a lovely post on stentor! It’s absolutely incredible. The level of details, the giagantic vacuole and the time lapse is such incredible. So much complex behavior packed in a single cell. What a treat to watch, and what a way to open 2019!


  3. laksiyer says:

    Extraordinary find. I wonder what the size of this version is? We have a couple of other stentor posts on microcosmos. I suspect these are three different species.

  4. Mitali says:

    The videos are so so beautiful Raju sir!! they made my day 🙂

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