Foldscope demonstration in a village school-2

Foldscope orientation workshop was organized at S. Baldev Singh Govt. senior secondary School, Majatri (SAS Nagar). Use of audio visual aids is rarely done in classrooms in rural setups. Theoretical explanation and videos on foldscopy raised curiosity in the students. This paper microscope really fascinated them,

They want to use it on their own. They have observed the slides which were part of their curriculum.

Their teacher were also very inquisitive and they quickly focused the slides and attached it to their mobile phones and showed it to entire class.

Each one of them want to use it and peep through it

Students exploring the slides on Foldscope

and later they enjoyed the chocolates which they happily distributed among themselves.

A wonderful experience for me seeing their faces beaming with happiness.

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    What a beautiful post – congratulations! Love the smile on those faces. Can’t wait to see what the kids will explore.


    1. Samriti Dhawan says:

      Thank you for your inspiring words Sir

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