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  1. nageswar says:

    frontonia, we thought that it is also one of the paramecium species when we saw first time because it is similar to paramecium structurally or it look like a different paramecium, after reading many literature and references we understood that it is a frontonia leucas, a protozoan ciliate , it has bigger size and also slightly different in shape , it mostly engulfs and ingest algae materials directly in to their body through cytostome , when engulfing it expands in their size , many times i observed that they are there at the bottom in the culture media , mostly they are doing binary fission

    1. Dear Nageswar,
      This is an amazing post, are there any videos of the specimen..
      It would be really great and interesting to learn more about these.


  2. nageswar says:

    Thank You Yashas,
    surely we will upload the video earliest

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