Foldscopy in a village School of Punjab

A Foldscope orientation programme was organized at S. Baldev Singh Govt. senior secondary School, Majatri (SAS Nagar), Punjab on 7th Jan, 2019 by team Foldscope@GGDSD. The school is situated around 25 km from Chandigarh. While traveling from Chandigarh to village I have seen many stalls selling fresh Jaggery. They are preparing it on roadside from sugar canes. I have collected few samples for foldscopy.

When I have reached School, observed that as compared to many other schools, this rural school has very good infrastructure. I came to know that this school is getting donation from an NRI of the village since its inception, who also gives continuous support to many needy students from last so many years. As I have entered, Few students were playing in the playground.

Response of school teachers and principal was overwhelming. An interaction with Students of class 9th and 10th was carried out.

I have interacted with the school principal and teachers and explained them about foldscope.

The students were demonstrated about the significance of microscopic tools

First I have showed them some videos on foldscopy and then comparison of conventional microscope was done with Foldscope

Though they have a big hall, but because of power failure I have to demonstrate it on a laptop only. 4G dongle helped me in showing some video tutorials to the bigger group.

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Beautiful. Can’t wait to see what the “guy” looks like under the foldscope!


  2. Manu Prakash says:

    Autocorrect changed “guud” to “guy” above. I meant jaggery.


    1. Samriti Dhawan says:

      Definitely I will post my explorations

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