June Bug Wing


I collected this June Bug’s deceased body a few months back.  Living with the lil’ guy I kind of developed a fondness for him and am glad to have an opportunity to observe/appreciate some of  the unseen mysteriousness of it’s  components.

The reusable slides and low-tack stickers are a fantastic idea.  I also cut a few more “permanent” slides out of index cards because I thought it might be delightful to keep (& check back on) some of the samples.  I also glued two slides together to facilitate stacking/weaving underneath the sample slide when viewing.  (Definitely not a necessary measure… just reducing my personal clumsy factor~)


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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Your sketch has truly inspired me to maintain a notebook with me at “all times” and sketch what I see. What a beautiful example of capturing the beauty and complexity of every day world. Such a simple demonstration of what you “truly” see..

    Wow.. Seeing this drawing reminded of this philosophical essay “Do we see through a microscope?” By Ian Hacking. You might enjoy reading this 🙂



  2. Niramay Gogate says:


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