Soap, cheese and cotton fibers

cotton fibers soap cheese


Mete Oztay  – Dogan College Science Class

First attemps with foldscope using cheese, soap and cotton fibers.

Soap ;

It looks like a couple of horns and crab claws


Cheese ;

Looks like a finger


Cotton fibers ;

I tried to take a sample from my inner cheek, I used a cotton buds.

thats why I saw fibers instead of epitel cells

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    For cheek cells – You might also want to glance at a staining protocol by a fellow foldscoper @laksiyer


    1. Murat Onay says:

      Thanks Manu, that one was one of my students, i advise them to use tooth pick or wood spoons to get cheek cells. Thanks for your advise for glancing to laksiyer

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