Micro organism at the time of feeding.

Today on field visit I saw a interesting type of Micro organism in the following ditch water at Dimulgaon area near Kokrajhar Town (Assam ). I got this video at the time of feeding something but don’t know what it is. I could not find it’s last point of the tail also.

I want to know about it. So Sir please identify it. Thanks.

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  1. Hey JAHAR,
    That appears to be a trumpet animalcule/ a stentor, it’s a protozoan.

    Here’s a previous post about it by @RAJU


  2. laksiyer says:

    Yes @Yashas is correct. It is a stentor. Yet another species. Notice the green alga. It would be good to know if it is food or a symbiont. It is also nice and transparent.

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