Micro organism” Animalcule” in a ditch at Kokrajhar (Assam).

Assam is the land of Wetland. There are many wetlands in Assam in that area there are great number of Micro organisms present. I am from Kokrajhar District here there are also many wetlands present.

The following ditch is at Dimulgaon area(Kokrajhar)is the water body of great Diversity of Micro organism, till now I have already found five (5) varieties of Micro organisms here. Now I am giving here a new type of Micro organism i.e. ANIMALCULE. The activity of the organism is very beautiful to look at. But I have not vast knowledge about the micro Organisms that are all these micro organisms are beneficial or not. Thanks.

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  1. laksiyer says:

    This looks like the ciliate Vorticella or a relative. Interestingly more rounded and with a very short stalk than the ones we have seen before. Fantastic.

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