Twinning of schools programmme was conducted on 27.09.2018 to 02.10.2018 with Christ Senior Secondary school for a period of 6 Days.


The Principal & teachers of of Christ senior Secondary school gave us a warm welcome and introduced us in the assembly. There we explained about the Foldscope & its uses, Assembly etc…. More than 1000 students benefited.

10 students of our school with Principal Investigator D.Aravindaraja Trained the students of Meghalaya Christ Senior Secondary School students how to assemble the foldscope, collecting samples, viewing thro foldscope, capturing and recording images through phone etc…

A field visit to Mauglynong Cleanest village of Asia, Living root bridge, Mawsmai cave, and Dawki to learn about the ecosystem, nature and environment and also collected some samples for our foldscope project Learnt about the Meghalayan Spider and captured some photographs of its web and its structure and collected dead spiders to view thro foldscope.

Visited the DonBosco Museum to learn about Cultural Heritage of Seven sisters of NE India, Environment and Nature. We were excited and became happy at the end of doing the Skywalk.

Science Teacher Mrs.Smitha of Christ Senior Secondary School, Meghalaya asked us to visit the Science labs ( Physics, chemistry, & Botany).

Principal of the school guided us to visit the nearby space centre. He helped us a lot from the start of the day till our Departure. We conveyed our Heartfelt thanks to Him.

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