Wild plants of Chandigarh – Specimen 4 (Railroad creeper)

Commonly known as Railroad creeper or Ivy-leaved Morning Glory

Botanical nameIpomoea cairica

Family – Convolvulaceae (Morning Glory Family)

Collection site – Sec-64, S.A.S Nagar (Mohali)

Habitat – fast-growing perennial herbaceous vine, that becomes weed in the wild. It rapidly colonizes the nearby trees, poles and nearby vegetation by creeeping

Habit – herbaceous perennial vine – a creeper

Stem – thin, twining and trailing

Leaves –  palmately cut to the base into 5 lobes, ovate to orbicular in outline

Inflorescence – flowers in groups of 1 to several per node

Flower –  mauve, infundibuliform shaped, with deciduous bracts and bracteoles

Calyx – green, ovate, campanulate

Corolla – purple or white with a pinkish or purplish base

Stamens – 5, included, length unequal, anthers prominently pointed at tips

Pistil – simple style, bilobed stigma with papilla-like structures

Fruit – 4-valved capsule with hairy seeds

Foldscope description – When the different parts were seen under a foldscope, anther lobes with mass of pollen with well developed exine and pointed ornamentation; stigma showed pappilose structures

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