Bay Mud – Bio 60_2019

This video is taken through a foldscope looking at a sample of water and mud from the Bay Area near Stanford University in Northern California.

Several microorganisms can be seen in the video, three larger, ovular species moving across the screen and one narrow, rod-like species that appears in the bottom lefthand corner. The three larger species seem to be paramecium but it is unclear what the other organism might be, or if it is living.

The sample was prepared within a chamber on the slide, created by raising the glass slide cover with several layers of double-sided tape as to not damage the living subjects. A magnetized light behind the foldscope allowed for the visual you see here, taken on an iPhone 7 camera.

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  1. MSCyert says:

    Maddie, this is an amazing video! I cant believe how well focused it is. You are a pro!

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