Dead Skin Two Ways bio60_2019

Beard Hair Follicle
Dead Heel Skin

The beard hair follicle was pulled from a man’s beard using tweezers because it was oddly longer and lighter in color than the rest of his beard hairs. It was slightly curled. Using a pipette, a few drops of water were put onto it and a coverslip was taped on top of the glass slide. For the heel skin, a man put his foot into a bowl of warm water to soften the skin for removal. Then, tweezers were used to peel off a thin layer of hardened, dry, dead skin. This, like the hair follicle, was slightly saturated with water droplets from a pipette. I think that the coloration and texture of the heel skin are very interesting as it has hints of taupe and blue. The iridescence of the light accentuates the rigid texture. You can see a portion which is the ridge in the dead skin. For the hair, it is interesting that it is not as pigmented as it is when looking at a person. It looks orange, but on the slide, it comes out as a greenish brown. The bulb of the follicle is even less pigmented. I think looking at the differences between the two is cool for the comparison between two different types of dead body cells, both from the dermis.

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