A mysterious movement

Very recently I have seen this mysterious twisting movement in this unidentified organism. For a while the organisms repeatedly twist and shrinks and then settles.  The circular movement continues for a long time, even when sped up through time-lapse photography. Please help me to identify the species.

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  1. Raju says:

    @Akib, could it be any sps of Phacus. As I have find some works on the Phacus sp at University of Dhaka by Moniruzzaman Khondekar, and my area is in similar phytogeographical zone. so could you please help me to identified them.

  2. Akib says:

    Hard to say as phacus is a large genus. But where’s the flagellum? I don’t think it is of phacus genus but I’ll try to identify it.

  3. laksiyer says:

    Its motion is very Phacoid. I generally term these Euglenozoans. They are flagellates (motion gives it away), they usually have a red spot and have photosynthetic organelles.

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