Puffed infected patches – are these of nematodes or some pest?

Yatin of 4th semester @GGDSD College, Chandigarh brought me some infected leaves of Ficus tree to observe under foldscope. These he had got from his hometown in Haryana (Punjab) during winter break.

All the leaves showed puffy, white balloon- like blisters/blotches due to some disease. I tried a sample out of these under foldscope. Everytime I took a sample, the thin membrane-like puffed portion was obtained which showed a compact cellular arrangement. Somewhere stellate cells and somewhere rectangular cells in rows were seen. I could also see some wedge-like structures as if a cocoon mold. Somehow no insects or any other microbe could be spotted. Are these leaves infected due to pests or nematodes can anybody help identify?

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