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    1. ibtisam dib says:

      Thank you 😀

    1. ibtisam dib says:

      Thank you!!
      i loved the Foldscope!
      Although i am not a scientist but i love science and i love mixing it with Art.

      I am still working on some tricks so i can reach even better images.
      Such an inspiration!

      All the love

      1. Manu Prakash says:

        That’s so beautiful to hear. We are all scientists at heart.

        Keep exploring

        1. ibtisam dib says:

          Indeed ♡

  1. Akib says:

    Is it a single layer of cells? How did you seperate it? (By using a microtome or like that of seperating onion layers?) I didn’t see this plant before but heard it’s name only. Nice images.

    1. ibtisam dib says:

      I took a thin layer from the bulb part.. it was like separating onion layers.
      I can’t tell you exactly if it was a single layer.. i am not sure! but i can esnure that you’ll enjoy looking at it 😀

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