Foldscope workshop at Aliah University Kolkata

Aliah University, Kolkata allowed us to conduct workshop on Assembly and uses of Foldscope in Department of Biological sciences, Aliah University, Kolkata on 24th January 2019. Senior Professor of Botany ,Department of Biological science Aliah University , Professor B N Chakraborty was the convenor of the workshop. Who was former Professor of Department of Botany, University of North Bengal. About 95 students participated the workshop. All faculties were also present throughout the workshop and try to understand Foldscope assembly and uses. Professor B N Chakraborty inspired students to learn practically using this frugal invention like foldscope and involve themselves in research and development. Everybody is interested about foldscope. Professor B N Chakraborty insisted students to have their own foldscope. After assembly students also observed different specimens under foldscope and become very happy.

With Faculties of Biological sciences
Listening Foldscope
Professor B N Chakraborty inspired to explore with foldscope

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