Bio60_2019: Bacteria Isolated from Human Foot

A human foot was swabbed with a cotton swab and used to innoculate a standard agar plate. The plate was left for approximately 48 hours, in which time colonies grew. A single colony was picked, and selected using a toothpick. The toothpick was swiped against a standard glass slide, and the microbial smear was suspended in approximately 200 uL of water.

A coverslip was placed on top and secured with tape. On the side of the foldscope opposite the viewing lens, a light was placed shining towards the lens and sample. A phone was placed directly against the lens of the foldscope, upon which the following video was taken.

Clear microbial colonies are visible under the foldscope image. Clumping groups of microbes can be seen, although the zoom quality of the foldscope is too low to identify shape or structure of individual microbes.

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