Rhizopus sporangium: GOI-DBT foldscope scheme – Exploring the interaction of Phyllosphere microbiome on rice through foldscope analysis.

Rhizopus oryzae is a fungus that is a filamentous heterothallic microfungus that occurs as a saprotroph in soil, dung, and rotting vegetation. This species is very similar to Rhizopus stolonifer, but it can be distinguished by its smaller sporangia and air-dispersed sporangiospores. The samples were isolated from the soil around the rice field.

Location: AC & RI, Killikulam, Thoothukudi

Student: D. Arun Kumar (M.sc Ag. Microbiology)

Chairperson: Dr. K. G. Sabarinathan (Asst. Prof. Ag. Microbiology)

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