Muddy Water – Bio60_2019

This video was taken through a foldscope. The video shows muddy water which was acquired from around the Bay Area near Stanford University. It was incredible that the foldscope was able focus on the microbes in the sample. The sample in the video was prepared by using a normal glass slide with a cover slip. In order to prevent the sample from being destroyed tape was used in order to create a chamber. The light source illuminating the sample originated from the light which came from the foldscope kit. The video itself was taken by placing an iPhone XS camera against the lens. Due to the magnets used in the foldscope this attributed to some of the shakiness in the camera.

In the sample, many microorganisms are seen moving around. They look somewhat capsule like. There were quite a few of them in the sample which were very active. It is hard to tell for sure what the identity of these microbes are, however, due to the shape of the microbe and the way in which it propels itself in the sample with what seem to be cilia one could say they are paramecium or some relative.

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