What is this phenomenon?

I observed a red biofilm in my bottle of chewra dwip algae (which was rotting). I saw many bacterias buzzing around and this event:

Red biofilm 125291-01-AK and bacterias
A timelapse of the red biofilm.

I seperated a bit of the biofilm and kept it in the slide for a timelapse video. It kinda disintegrated and made a red solution. I will describe it later. But what’s it (rotting)? And what is the red biofilm? Need answers (** note that the red biofilm is probably photosynthetic).

Plus one thing: I suggest @Manu to make a free guide/video tutorial/short video tutorial series for everyone without much delay which will teach them how to identify organisms upto a certain taxonomic level (like class or family) by ownself if making the Identification Request System will take a long time. But if you have already collected the links of posts having identification proplems like this one, you don’t need to make it (please try to keep it in mind that it is almost impossible for one to read all posts even after checking them everyday twice and sorry for too many requests and suggestions!).



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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Dear Akib,

    What an incredible video. You really have something fantastic in your hands.

    What I find puzzling is how sudden the change/degradation was. It appears as if the bacterial colony tried to establish itself and suddenly we saw “exponential growth” phase in the bacterial biofilm. After not many resources remain, they have no choice but to disperse.

    Brilliant post.

    I am working on reorganizing content/creating directories and ways to organize data. I agree – we have a lot of content coming every day – but the joy of new discoveries is absolutely fantastic. More on that soon.


  2. Akib says:

    Oh! I forgot to mention one thing, it took about 20 minutes to make this video (60x speed).

  3. laksiyer says:

    Dear Akib, this is spectacular. I think this is a colony transition from a biofilm. It looks like a bacterium, but a higher power view would help. Wonder if there was a trigger for this transiton. Does this happen each time you take this red biofilm. I wonder if it might be related to the light you shine on it. If you can reproduce this phenomenon, it would interest several microbiologists. This is nothing short of spectacular. Congratulations.

    1. Akib says:

      Yes, it happens every time I seperate it. In fact when I seperated the biofilm from one side of the bottle, the concentration if the bacteria became high in there and when I seperated some of it from there again, the disintegration process was faster than this. I can reproduce it again. But I think it isn’t related with light as when I first saw this with my compound microscope, it happened when I kept the light off (I saw the seperated sample, turned the light off and kept it in the stage, observed it about 10 minutes later and it was disintegrated).

  4. Manu Prakash says:

    Dear Akib,
    Doing replicates of the same process and sharif here would be wonderful. I can think of some models that would try to capture the dynamics of the process.

    Would be great fun to fit to your observed dynamics. As Laks said / this is nothing short of spectacular phenomena.


    1. Akib says:

      Sorry to say that I am a bit too busy now. I only got a short opportunity to do this. Now the bottle is in my friend’s house. I will collect it later from him to make posts. And please see my post about magnetotactic bacterias:

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