Tooth Plaque – BIO60_2019

Here is a photo of the plaque found on my teeth. Before brushing and flossing my teeth at night, I took a small sample of plaque. This plaque came from my upper central incisors. I smeared a thin film of the plaque on a glass slide and placed it inside of my flodscope. I was amazed at the diversity and number of bacteria that had colonized on my teeth. I watched thousands of bacteria slowly moving about. I took this photo using the camera on my cell phone and the light provided in the flodscope kit. Bio60_2019

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Dear @Marshall19,

    Your study is both wonderful and historic. Reading I can sense the excitement that went through your mind, seeing this first hand.

    It’s historic for the reason that this exact experiment was the first observation and description of “bacteria” – little animacules – in any scientific context. Here is a brief link – which has many more resources to historic tales; mostly of Leeuwenhoek discovering bacteria with microscopes that had similarities to what you are using right now:

    It’s wonderful to see your explorations – welcome to the foldscope community.


  2. Akib says:

    You can do a timelapse of these bacteria. Use a timelapse app like flamelapse/time spirit etc and see this post:

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