Foot skin microbiome [Bio60_2019]

In my biology class I had the opportunity to swab and plate samples from my hands and feet, in order to explore the skin microbiome. I was interested in comparing colonies with my foldscope, as comparing colony morphology with the naked eye can be difficult. Bellow I compare two colonies that were similar in shape and size, but slightly different in color.
I photographed the dark yellow colony both immediately after creating the slide and about 5 hours later when the sample had dried onto the slide more.
Pale yellow colony ~5 hours after making slide
I photographed the pale yellow colony about 5 hours after making the slide. The pale yellow colony seems less dense. The pale yellow colony also has a less distinct color even under the foldscope.

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  1. MSCyert says:

    Wow! you really captured differences in color and texture between the colonies!

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