Toe Jam

This is a photo of the findings underneath one of my frineds toenails as they were cleaning and trimming them.

 I walked into my friends room one day while they were cleaning and cutting their toenails (they had just recently showered so whatever spots did not get cleaned on the body were likely to have some good bacteria growth on them), and I asked if I could possibly borrow what comes from under their toenails to look as through a microscope. It was only a small amount and it was fairly translucent, so all I had to do was put it on a slide and view it under the microscope. 

Though this is not a live video, there were small spots moving across the slide. In the center, it looked like there were fibrous structures that were running throughout the substance. I would assume this is the result of dirt with other particles, such as lint from socks all wrapped together to form this sort of soft substance.

It was very interesting to see how many bacteria can hide away in the crevices on our bodies, and to see how much they thrive when in a wet environment. Bio60_2019

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