Bio60_2019 Peanut Butter Cup Chocolate

I looked at the prepared slides in the foldscope kit, various leaves and flowers, but I wanted to give a little change to what I view with a foldscope. I was at home very stressed in preparation for my chemistry exam. Of course, I needed chocolate to boost my energy, so I went downstairs to buy chocolate from the vending machine. Then, the thought to eat my chocolate and the soon-approaching deadline to submit our foldscope findings simultaneously crossed my mind. I ran back up to my room, got my foldscope kit out, and prepared a slide with a tiny bit of the chocolate to observe it under the foldscope. It was very interesting to see what I eat under the microscope within five minutes. I would love to carry around my foldscope to observe the different types of food served in Stanford dining halls.

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