Strand of Hair Bio60_2019

This is a photograph of a hair sample collected from my own head and examined with the foldscope. The image focuses on the root of the hair, which contains the hair bulb. According to my research, the hair bulb is where living cells divide and grow to build the hair shaft. I tried to look at the other part of the hair, but it seemed too dense and dark to reveal anything very interesting. I am curious about the dots in the center of the hair bulb pictured — are they air bubbles from the water on the slide, or something that comes from the hair bulb itself? One other thing I found interesting was the way the hair strand seems to feather gently into the bulb — what could this tell us about the way hair grows?

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  1. MSCyert says:

    That is really cool! I am pretty sure you have dark hair, and it seems like there is a dark pigmented layer that surrounds the bulb.

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