This is a picture taken with a foldscope of a very small red leaf, taken from a plant on campus. I pulled the leaf from off the stem and put it in my foldscope kit to take back home where I could prepare the slide without having to deal with the wind, which I was afraid would blow the leaf away or make the process harder than it had to be. The image that appeared through my phone’s camera was both fascinating and completely unexpected! As you can see, there are spike-like shapes that look like they protrude from a wide darker line. The color of the leaf under the foldscope was also a vibrant magenta color, and it was very beautiful. I thought that the darker line that goes across the image could be a capillary, and the spike-like structures could be the way that the leaf delivers water to cells that need it. I was a bit confused because the entire plant had red leaves, and I was wondering why the plant wasn’t more green, as I think that the part of the cell that enables photosynthesis makes plants green, so you would think all photosynthesis-making parts of the plant would also be green.

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