Fire Hydrant Leak, Mud Collected — Bio60_2019

I was walking down Escondido Street tonight when I saw massive puddles of water flowing down the side walk. Looking up, there were two police cars and a fire truck. Their sirens were on and officers were marching up and down the street. I greeted one of the officers and asked what was happening. He told me that there was a leak and that it was being taken care of. With this fold-scope project in mind, I heroically picked up some mud with a origami boat that I made out of a scrap piece of paper and ran back to my dorm to get the fold-scope equipment out to make the slides. Some of the mud leaked through my little boat as I carried it back to the dorm; but I definitely had enough to make the slides I needed. I didn’t use any water to adhere the sample since the mud was already wet. For one of the slides, I placed some tape on each side like I did for the mud in class; for the other slide I did not. My preparation of the slides was standard. Results were honestly disappointing. I believe the mud that I collected was mostly water.

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