Turkish Apricot

My favorite study snack has always been dried appricots. One day while I was doing my homework, I had a bowl of dried Turkish Appricots from Safeway next to me and I was noticing the texture of the snack and thought it would be fun to take a closer look at the structures on the surface of the fruit.

To be able to actually see this structure with the Foldscope, I first had to cut off a very thin piece of the outer portion of the fruit. I then put this small slice onto a slide and viewed it through the Foldscope.

I was very interested to see these structures inside of the apricot, because unlike many things I have viewed through the Foldscope, this apricot looked nearly the same under the microscope as it did with the naked eye. The color was faded quite a bit once it was shown under the microscope, but the fibrous structures in the middle were much like what I expected to see in the apricot, and in many fruits and vegetables in general.


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