Melting Snow

Pine Flat, California

I saw the post where a Foldscope was used to capture melting snow, so I have been wanting to give it a try! It was a bit tricky not to smash the snow & get clear images.
The Foldscope is amazing durable even in the snow!
You can explore year-round, any conditions!

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Beautiful work Amy. Thanks for sharing this with everyone here! Living in some parts of California, I forget that other parts do see snow!!

    I decided to collect some old posts that have little tricks for working with snow; if you still have more snow outside – these would help you play.

    Some indoor freezing

    And something I loved playing with every time it was cold outside – and I could find a parked car. This is imaging the window of a car.. do take a look.

    Happy exploring. Thanks for being such an amazing spirit in the foldscope universe.


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