How to measure the size of the microorganism through Foldscope?

Dear Manu Prakash and Foldscope team, I want to learn how to measure the size of the microorganisms while observing through the foldscope, i made an effort by measuring the visual field without magnification, but want to learn in detail.

These two are the images of 1mm grid and and 0,5 mm grid observed through foldscope without any magnification. Basing on the 0.5 mm grid view and area of the visual field covered, i assumed the visual field as 600 microns and

The first image is at 140x without magnification and the second (video) is the same when magnified 4 X with my mobile. When zoomed with mobile can see some microorganisms moving around, which are not visible at 140X. How can i say the size of the micro organisms watched in the video. Please guide me in this regard

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Dear Tulasi,

    Laks has a beautiful and detailed tutorial for you just in this. You are absolutely in the right path – you can overlay the two images to make a pixel to micron map for images you take.

    See here

    You inspire so many in the foldscope community. Thanks for everything you do!


    1. Tulasi Mastanamma says:

      Thank you Manu, I will learn to measure the objects and thanks for you wishes and encouragement, I look at you as inspiration and keep on telling the students about your inventions and your observations behind the inventions like expensive microscope in Thailand or Centrifuge as door stop. I still amaze the way you look at each and every post and the way you guide, wish, encourage and motivate students, faculty and foldscopians across the globe. It requires lot of perseverance and determination. Thanks for your innovations and motivations for creating interest in science among young generations

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