Simple Rs.10/- Light Source for Foldscope usage

Dear friends, I have been using this as light source in my class room and in my workshops for the past 4 months and felt very useful. so i want to share this with you all

Purchased Rs.10/- torch lights from China Bazaar stall

Took an empty rectangular carton box to fix the light on to the box

Put a hole on one edge (longer side) of the box in the centre , so that the top part of the box will be useful to support my foldcope and mobile. the hole should be little lesser than the size of the torch light , so that the torch light won’t fall inside the box.

switch on the torch light and insert in to the hole of the box

Insert slide into the foldscope and attach the foldscope to the mobile

Place the mobile on the carton box in such a way that the light source is opposite to the lens and light pass through the lens and the object is visible on the mobile

Adjust the mobile and focus the slide and zoom the image on the mobile. The space on the box gives support to place the foldscope and mobile and allows you to adjust the position of the slide and focus the image

Click the image or video if you feel the image/video is clear

The same can also be used by placing two piles of books and by keeping the light source in between the books, the height of the books should be same as the height of the length to prevent the falling of light and the book surface act as support for foldscope and mobile and felicitate hand movement

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  1. laksiyer says:

    How innovative. Love the idea.

    1. Tulasi Mastanamma says:

      Thank you for your guidance and encouragement

  2. Eden Educational Resource Centre says:

    அற்புதம் (excellent)

    1. Tulasi Mastanamma says:

      Thank you

  3. Manu Prakash says:

    Wonderful. Thank you for sharing!!


    1. Tulasi Mastanamma says:

      Thank you Manu Prakash for your encouragement

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