Three days workshop focusing on the use of foldscope in agriculture

To introduce the use of foldscope in agriculture, a 3-day workshop on “Foldscope” was organized from February 18- 21 February 2019 by the ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Umiam- 793103, Meghalaya. Students of classes VI to XI from Kendriya Vidyalaya School, North Eastern Police Academy participated in the workshop. Students were imparted with the variuos applications and aspects of foldscope, particularly the use of smartphones in foldscope. Also, exposing and making them aquaintance with the work done in laboratories.

Students were taught in brief on the importance of flower, floral structure, preparation of slides using stains and viewing pollen grains of Musa under foldscope. in-vitro germination of pollen grains was also briefed. Utility of foldscope in observing the disease causing pathogens in plants was also explained.

The programme witnessed students’s enthusiasm in learning throughout until the successful completion of the workshop.

Petal of Rhododendron simsii viewed under foldscope
Musa pollen

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