Tar leaf spot- #Indiafoldscopephase 1

At Jyothy Institute of Technology (Bangalore) farm, infected leaves were found as shown below

On both sides of leaf surface numerous small, superficial and blackish distinct tar like spots which  surrounded by yellow zone were observed. Along with the tar spots, there was light yellowish stroma and mats of hyphae of fungus were found on the upper surface of leaves. They were observed under foldscope and spores were found.

It was tar leaf spots. This caused by Rhytisma acerinum fungus.

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    What a beauutiful post. Welcome to the community.

    Does this impact severely the tea plantations?


    1. Soumitra Banerjee says:

      Thank you Sir. This disease mainly found in shade, ornamental trees (Ex. Maple tree, Toona tree)

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